Villager Professions

This is a full list of the villager professions in the game, and the things they will by and sell.

All villagers will offer Tier 1 trades to start with. Repeated trading will unlock higher tiers.

Farmers (Brown robes)

There are several types of farmer.


Tier Buys Sells
1 Wheat, Potatoes, Carrots Bread
2 Pumpkin Pumpkin Pie
3 Melon Apple
4   Cookies, Cake


Tier Buys Sells
1 String, Coal Will cook your fish.
2   Enchanted Fishing Rod


Tier Buys Sells
1 White Wool Shears
2   Coloured Wool


Tier Buys Sells
1 String Arrows
2   Bows, Will turn your Gravel into Flint

Librarians (White Robes)

Tier Buys Sells
1 Paper Enchanted Books
2 Books Compasses, Bookshelves
3 Written Books Clocks, GLass
4   Enchanted Books
5   Enchanted Books
6   Name Tags

Each librarian will offer up to three types of enchanted book.

Priests (Purple Robes)

Tier Buys Sells
1 Rotten Flesh, Gold Ingots  
2   Redstone Dust, Lapis Lazuli
3   Eye of Ender, Glowstone
4   Bottle o’Enchanting

Blacksmith (Black Apron)

Ther are three types of Blacksmith:

###Tool Smith

Tier Buys Sells
1 Coal Enchanted Iron Shovel
2 Iron Ingots Enchanted Iron Pickaxe
3 Diamonds Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe

###Weapon Smith

Tier Buys Sells
1 Coal Iron Axe
2 Iron Ingots Enchanted Iron Sword
3 Diamonds Enchanted Diamond Axe, Enchanted Diamond Sword


Tier Buys Sells
1 Coal Iron Helmet
2 Iron Ingots Iron Chestplate
3 Diamonds Enchanted Diamond Chestplate
4   Chainmail Helmet, Leggings, Boots and Chestplate

Butcher (White Apron)

There are two types of “butcher”.


Tier Buys Sells
1 Raw Chicken, Raw Porkchop  
2 Coal Cooked Chicken, Cooked Porkchop


Tier Buys Sells
1 Leather Leather Pants
2   Enchanted Leather Tunic
3   Saddle