Trees in Minecraft

Trees provide wood, which is one of the most useful resources in the game.

There are many kinds of trees in Minecraft , and these are found in different climates.

Minecraft  trees - fancy graphics

Tree types with "Fancy Graphics" enabled.

Minecraft  trees - Fast graphics

Tree types with "Fast" Graphics enabled.

Big Trees

Jungle trees and Spruce trees have giant forms with thick, 2x2 trunks. They can be grown by planting 4 Saplings in a 2x2 square and applying bonemeal.


Wood in Minecraft

Cutting down a tree (this is best done with an axe) yields wood. There are six types of wood blocks, which look different and stack separately in your inventory.

Different types of wood make different coloured planks, stairs and slabs, but other wooden items such as sticks and doors look the same no matter which type of wood they are made from.

Leaves and Saplings

When all the wood is removed from a tree, the leaves will start to decay. Leaves can also be destroyed with an axe, sword or other tool. When a leaf block decays or is destroyed, there is a chance of dropping a sapling.


There are six types of sapling. As with the wood, pine and spruce saplings are the same.

When a tree grows, it goes immediately from the sapling to its final form. There are no inbetween stages, and trees do not get taller over time.

Leaves can also be harvested with shears; leaf blocks can then be placed like any other. Leaf blocks that you have placed yourself will not decay.

Tip: If you don't remove every piece of wood from a tree, the leaves will not decay and will remain floating in the air. This is ugly, and considered obnoxious on multiplayer servers! Build a pillar of dirt or something to reach the upper branches.

Tree Farms

Whilst you could just chop down trees all over the surface, it may be more desirable to farm trees in a plantation. This prevents deforestation, and additionally tree farms can be built indoors or underground. Indoor tree farming is safer, and allows you to bring your lumber source to the place where you will be using the wood.

Oak saplings are the most suitable for a densely-planted of farm; other trees require more space to grow. Fortunately oak saplings are the easiest to get your hands on. You only need a few to get started.

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