Superflat Options

This page describes all the options you can set using our Superflat Preset Generator.


Superflat worlds have only one biome. I often choose Desert so that it doesn’t rain as much, but if you want rain or snow you can choose another one.

Choose Ice Plains or Cold Taiga for snow.

Basic Options

These are all simple checkboxes to say whether the game will generate the following structures, if possible. They are mostly self-explanatory.


NPC villages can only be generated in Plains, Desert or Savanna Biomes.


These might be generated even in mid air!

Plants, Ores and stuff

This checkbox controls the decoration setting, which allows things like ores and plants to be generated.

Ores will only be generated if you have one or more stone layers. The type of plants you might get depends on the biome you choose and whether you have dirt, grass, sand etc for them to grow on.

Temples, Witch huts etc

This checkbox controls the buildings that can be found in certain biomes.

Advanced Options

Village Size

This controls the size of villages. 0 produces villages the same size as in a normal world, but you can use this to make villages larger.

Village Distance

How far apart the villages should be.

Mineshaft Chance

Increase this number to get more mineshafts.

Stronghold Count

How many strongholds are there in the entire world.

Stronghold Spread

How close should strongholds be to where you spawn? Higher numbers mean they will be closer.

Stronghold Distance

How close can the strongholds be to each other?

Biome Feature Distance

This affects how close together you will find Temples, Witch huts, etc.