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New Foods in Minecraft 1.9

Minecraft version 1.9 brings a few new food types to the game.

Shields in Minecraft 1.9

Among the most exciting new items in Minecraft 1.9 are the Shields that can now be crafted.

Surviving a Fall

With the new Dragon Fight upon us, it’s a good time to think about falling, and ways to land safely.

Fighting the Ender dragon in Minecraft 1.9

One of the big changes in Minecraft 1.9 is the fight against the Ender Dragon that is the big boss fight in the game.

Combat in Minecraft 1.9

With the first Minecraft 1.9 snapshot due later today, let’s have a look at what we expect to be changing in the way we fight. It is the Combat Update after all!

Mining With Both Hands

Minecraft 1.9 will bring perhaps the biggest change since the first release of Minecraft: we will be able to use both hands! Many people are calling this “Dual Wielding”, comparing it to games where you might fight with a weapon in each hand, but before we look at whether that’s really fair, let’s look at the basics.

Previewing Minecraft 1.9

We were lucky enough to be able to attend Minecon in London earlier this month, and the Mojang developers showed off some sneak peeks of what we can expect from Minecraft 1.9.

Minecraft Easter Eggs

Minecraft is full of eggs – chicken eggs, dragon eggs, spawn eggs – and with chickens and bunnies there are all sorts of connections to Easter. But let’s not stop there: here are some great ways to get some Minecrafty goodness into your real world Easter.

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